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Key Feature

Responsible Lending

  • Know what your client spent in the last year
  • Automated analysis to do in seconds what would take hours
  • Document it all to protect yourself
Key Feature


  • There is a lot of information in your client’s transaction data
  • Learn it all in seconds
  • Find new opportunities to help
  • Increase your value to your clients
Key Feature


  • Suggest goals based on the client’s personal situation
  • Help clients learn about and set goals
  • Make the process about goals/needs rather than products
Key Feature


  • Suggested goals will frequently require a product
    • But sell the goal first, and the product sale is easy.
  • Identifies if a client has any other products with other groups
    • Then you can offer them a better deal

The Power of Insights

Unlock the power of automated insights, where we tell you key information that we can see in the data:

  • Undeclared Credit Facilities

  • Spikes in high risk areas such as Gambling

  • Large unknown expenses or incomes

What else can Relie provide?

Categorisation and Classification

  • We categorise all income and expenses into over 100 categories.

  • We also show you the client’s mandatory vs discretionary expenditure.


  • Detect important information like life event changes, high risk behaviour or other products held with another organisation.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

  • We can identify opportunities to cross sell products across the banking, lending and wealth segments, including Insurance and Savings Products.

Budget Setting

  • We can set budgets, savings goals and provide expense hotspots to help identify likely areas where savings can be achieved.

Understand your client’s real expensesAutomated insights into areas of concernPersonalise, comment and document each assessment

Australia’s first Responsible Lending Engine

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